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    WEIGHT loss is something many people may choose to pursue in their lifetime for one reason or another. But, when it comes to targeting belly fat, what are some of the tips which could help?

    Losing weight can occupy much of many people’s minds. However, it’s worth remembering that while it’s important to maintain a healthy weight, so is being confident in yourself and body – whatever your shape and size. Nevertheless, some people will want to get trim. That may include trying to lose fat around your stomach.

    So, what have the experts said about burning belly fat?

    Speaking exclusively to a personal trainer, Cecilia Harris, and co-founder of the lifestyle platform Results with Lucy, explained how she didn’t believe it was possible for a person to target just one area of their body.

    “I don’t believe that you can spot train or lose fat in one particular place of your body,” she said.

    So, how do you lose body fat in general? Cecilia said it was all about dieting.

    “Going on a diet, trying to create that calorie deficit is what’s going to help you lose body fat,” she said.

    Then, Cecilia said, it’s possible to work on developing a toned abdominal area through exercises, such as holding positions and plank positions – not necessarily crunches and sit ups.

    Another word of advice is to watch your sugar consumption.

    Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Bupa UK’s Dr Luke James explained that having lots of sugary drinks and foods will make shifting the pounds harder.

    But, that’s not to say that a focus on fruit and vegetables when it comes to your diet will automatically make slimming easier.

    That’s because some of these foods have high levels of natural sugars.

    He said: “While whole fruits and vegetables are undoubtedly good for you, they can also sometimes cause weight gain if you eat too much, as they have high levels of natural sugars in them.”

    Cutting back on simple carbohydrates may also aid weight loss, the doctor suggested. This could mean swapping pasta and bread for a healthier option – such as courgetti.

    Dr Luke continued: “It won’t be easy, but by dropping your overall carbohydrate intake (not eradicating carbs completely!) you will have the best chance of tackling your belly fat.”

    Another way to improve your weight loss results may be consuming apple cider vinegar alongside tucking into a healthy diet.

    Some studies have shown that participants who consumed two tablespoons per day of the drink over a period of time saw modest weight loss, compared to those who didn’t.

    There’s a number of way to drink apple cider vinegar, so it may be worth taking a closer look to find the recipe which will suit you.

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